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  • How does this work?
    Order a shoutout ahead of time. Your message will be announced at the meet during their session. At any time during the meet the gift will be available for pickup at the shoutout booth.
  • How will you know what session my athlete is in?
    The days leading up to meet we compare the athlete name/level/gym to the final meet roster and assign sessions.
  • What if I do not know they level or gym name?
    That's okay! Sometimes family members or friends want to send a gift, but do not have all the details. Just make sure their name is right, and put their city/state as gym name. For level, you can choose any of them. We always cross reference the list with final rosters and make corrections.
  • Oh no, I missed the deadline to order!
    No worries! We will take orders on site at the meet. Or reach out to us through the contact form if you need to order and won't be present at the meet.
  • What happens if we forget to pick up the gift at the meet?
    You have several options: You can ask a friend/coach/fellow athlete to pick it up. In the last few sessions we will begin asking coaches to take any that belong to their gym. At the end of the meet, we will contact folks that have gift left behind and arrange for them to be mailed to you. We will not mail candy or cookies. No refunds are given for unclaimed items.
  • What if my athlete has allergies?
    We try our best offer options that do not include candy for those with allergies. We do not offer any items with nuts for risk of cross contamination. If your athlete has a specific allergy (i.e. red food coloring) please stop by the shoutout booth at the meet to swap any candies or cookies.
  • Can you do the shoutouts at my meet?
    We would love the opportunity to discus providing shoutouts at your next event! Please click below to learn more.
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